“She’s helped me progress from only being able to speak in very simple sentences to being able to converse in a wide variety of topics”

Jessica Sandland, Engineering Lecturer
Boston, USA


In this section, I’ll be having conversations with my students, my teachers, and lots of extremely interesting people about their experiences when it comes to learning languages for various reasons: for fun, for work, for relocation, for travels, for love, and so on.

First, we will talk about the reasons that led them to study a foreign language, then we will hold a conversation about a subject of their choice. As with my conversation classes, I will let my hosts choose the topic of discussion, anything from health and fitness to history, traveling to technology, current affairs to cinema, science to sociology, literature to living abroad, music to movies… or anything else for that matter!

Anyone with a curious mind will find some inspiration in these talks.

Latest conversations

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I this section, I will publish readings of classic French novels with each series building up to the full book, and also other written materials:

  • that are of significant importance in the francophone culture or that I simply enjoy
  • that my students, clients, or followers on social media will have chosen for the same reasons.

Latest readings

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