“Carine has given me the tools and the confidence I need to reach my goal”

Paul S, Project Manager
Bristol, UK

I am a highly experienced, patient and passionate French Teacher and Advisor. My aim is to make your French grow strong and steadily like a tree!

I am a trained and qualified teacher with 17 years of experience teaching French, and coaching children and adults in language acquisition.

I’ve worked with people from all backgrounds and walks of life from nursery school to university students, medical doctors, scientists, acupuncturists, restaurant managers, flight attendants, staff from the European Commission in Brussels, and investment bankers in London and Chicago, among many others.

Through my dedicated work and language acquisition expertise, I have in the past 10 years developed a highly personalised language learning method that has successfully brought many adult language learners from beginner’s level to fluency effortlessly.

My insatiable curiosity and massive interest in people has led me to create French Chatter, which offers French lessons and coaching, and a bi-weekly podcast in the form of a conversation with a French learner.

I specialise in the following areas:

  • Helping you with your learning of French
  • Helping you find the right resources and the best teachers and language partners that match your personality
  • Helping you move to the next level while having fun at the same time
  • Helping you overcome your fear of talking to native speakers
  • Keeping you motivated and helping you stay on track in your language journey
  • Teaching you French from A1 to C2 levels

Copyright Carine Lemaire – All rights reserved

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