“Carine has helped me overcome the embarrassment of being a beginner”

Paul S, Project Manager
Bristol, UK

French Chatter is for you if:

  • You love the French language and you’re curious about the world
  • You love learning though, and about, a wide array of topics
  • You love learning in a relaxed and encouraging environment
  • You’re looking for materials and resources for your learning and long-distance immersion
  • You would like to better understand native French-speakers in conversation
  • You’re inspired by other French-learners and how they achieve their goals
  • You’re inspired by hearing how native and non-native speakers can enjoy communicating with each other despite their different levels in the language

My Coaching and Methodology Programme is for you if:

  • You’re struggling to find the right method to study your target language(s), and you want to avoid common mistakes and save time
  • You are a beginner language learner who doesn’t know how to get started
  • You are a beginner, intermediate or advanced language learner who wants to confidently move to the next level
  • You feel like no matter the amount of language books you read, apps you use or language partners you speak to, you’re not making enough progress
  • You feel like you’re not progressing despite working with experienced teachers
  • The idea of writing any material in your target language, from text messages to formal letters, feels daunting
  • The thought of talking in your target language with native speakers feels insurmountable
  • You need to become fluent in your target language for academic, work or life / domestic reasons

On top of the above, you must be absolutely committed to working towards your goal. As in everything else in life, you will only see results through hard work and dedication.

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