“It has been a pleasure working with her. I recommend her without reservation”

S. Osher Pais, M.D.
Baltimore, USA

Some words from students and clients

I have taken classes with Carine for just about five years, and I’m happy to say that with her help I’ve developed a confidence level in my ability to speak and understand French that has really enhanced my life.

With Carine’s assistance, I’ve gained the confidence that I needed to erase the initial doubt I had about learning a foreign language. Carine has a great way of motivating her students, while at the same time being sensitive to the difficult moments and frustrations that sometimes occur during the language learning journey.

There are many things that I appreciate about Carine, two that stand out for me are Carine’s knowledge of what to teach and how to teach.

When I reflect over the years that Carine has helped me learn French, I’ve come to see her as a trusted advisor, someone completely vested in my success and as a teacher I would highly recommend to anyone seeking to learn the French language.

I thank you Carine for all of the great lessons and I thank you even more for the many relationships the French language has added to my life.

Terry Young, Investment Banker
Chicago, USA

With Carine’s help, I went from knowing absolutely nothing in French to living with this beautiful language. I speak weekly with my friends in Paris. I have read over 40 books in my target language. I even translated for my husband at a dinner party in Fontainebleau. It’s a dream come true.

I have had over 500 lessons with more than 55 tutors in seven different languages. Of all those tutors, Carine is my favorite teacher.

She is, by far, the most professional, friendly and effective French teacher I’ve ever had. She had me speaking and understanding French from day one. Our lessons feel effortless. Yes, she’s that good! I recommend her to every French student I know.

Elizabeth Bruckner, Language Coach at Fluent in 3 Months
Los Angeles, USA

I am an Intermediate French student, living in the United States. I am a retired physician, a radiologist. I have been studying with Carine for about four years.

During that time my proficiency in both speaking and comprehension have improved significantly, due largely to her tutelage. She is well versed not only in French, but in almost any other topic one would care to bring up. It has been a pleasure working with her. I recommend her without reservation.

S. Osher Pais, M.D.
Baltimore, USA

Carine is an excellent teacher and lessons with her are a pleasure! She is encouraging, attentive, and dedicated. She is always very well prepared and focused, and her lessons are always stimulating and engaging. Thanks to her support and attention during our classes I can see myself improving each week, and gaining more and more confidence with my French. Carine is a teacher with a real passion, and I look forward to our classes each week. Merci!

Roksana Marjańska, Tourism Management student
Międzyzdroje, Poland 

I have been working with Carine for two years now and have enjoyed every minute.

When I started learning Spanish I was too impatient and was looking for similar articles and videos to the ones I could understand in English. Carine has helped me overcome the embarrassment of being a beginner and has shown me how to find interesting resources at my level – I’m now building up my collection of comic books and videos that remind me of being a teenager again.

In spite of not teaching me any Spanish, Carine has given me the tools and the confidence I need to reach my goal of speaking to my girlfriend in her native language. I understand the importance of honestly assessing my progress and that there are interesting resources out there suitable for every level.

I’m so happy I found Carine!

Paul S, Project Manager
Bristol, UK

Carine has been my French teacher for several years now, and I’m extremely pleased with the progress that I have made working with her.

She’s helped me progress from only being able to speak in very simple sentences to being able to converse in French on a wide variety of topics – particularly those topics that are of the most interest to me personally and professionally.

Carine is helpful, knowledgeable and supportive, and her lessons are thoughtful and well-tailored to my interests and needs. I would highly recommend Carine to anybody who wants to make meaningful progress with their language learning!

Jessica Sandland, Engineering Lecturer
Boston, USA

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