French Chatter: More Hobbies

In this episode of our ongoing series of podcasts, we talk about some of my hobbies.

We discuss my love for reading, and especially for dystopia, pessimism and fatalism which is wonderfully expressed in Russian literature. I love Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and Yevgeny Zamyatin’s book called “We”. I also very much enjoy philosophical works on the human condition. I am currently reading La Peste by Albert Camus out loud here.

We then talk about my passion for psychology, and my particular interest for psychopaths of all sorts – from infamous Japanese cannibals to serial killing doctors such as Harold Shipman. On the same topic, I really enjoy learning about narcissistic personality disorder, since it is so prevalent in our society that places so much emphasis on “self”. To anyone interested in this topic, I highly recommend you to visit Dr Ramani Durvasula’s YouTube Channel, which is full of useful information.

Among other things I enjoy doing, watching documentaries and films ranks very high on my list. I am a huge fan of Stanley Kubrick, and I have more recently dived more in depth into the Coen Brothers’ world, thanks to Andrew who has a very nice collection of their work.

I also enjoy writing and drawing about society in general, as well as psychology and my experiences. Speaking of art, I briefly mention my immense admiration for David Bowie and Frank Zappa, both of whom I have been fanatical about since I was a very young child. The former for his incredible creativity, the latter for the complexity of his music compositions.

Last but not least, I love dancing with my wonderful, red, glittery tap shoes, cooking delicious pizzas with Andrew, and looking after and petting every single cat that I encounter. Yes, I am a crazy cat lady!

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