French Chatter: Introductions

This podcast is the first in a long series with my favourite person in the world: my bright, fun and wonderful life partner Andrew, who I speak with in French every day for a few minutes over dinner, which is not as much as we would like, as we have mentioned in this recording. He owes his French mostly to his own hard work and diligence.

Andrew is a British software engineer from England who speaks English, Portuguese and French. He tells us about his language journey in Brazilian Portuguese and in Molière’s language, not without a few jokes and fun anecdotes. Indeed, he shares tips on how to get the best customer service as a tourist in a foreign land (hint: speak to the locals in their language).

He also shares with us his experience of living in various English cities, namely Cambridge where he attended the world-renowned university and worked for a number of years after completing his degree in computer science, and also Bristol, a buoyant city full of cultural activities and interesting monuments, such as the Suspension Bridge, and home to famous street artists such as Banksy, and the annual Upfest street-art festival.

Last but not least, Andrew tells us about his talent for origami, crafts, drawing and woodworking, and our shared passions and hobbies such as listening to music, reading books and comics, cooking for hours and enjoying delicious food, watching films, hiking, and walking in nature and very old cemeteries.

This podcast will be of interest to anyone who is interested in the process of learning a language, in
travels and the cultural aspects of language learning.

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