French Chatter: Hobbies

In the third episode of our ongoing series of podcasts, we talk about some of Andrew’s many hobbies, including a few that we share together.

First, we discuss our shared love of the stars and the wonders of our solar system, which we enjoy exploring together through Andrew’s new telescope.

Then we talk about a hobby that is a little more down-to-earth – video games. We discuss some of our favourites, including classics such as Tetris and the original Super Mario Bros., which we play together on our GameBoys and my Nintendo NES, and the mind-bending puzzle game Portal.

Next on the agenda we have comic books. Reading French language comics such as Tintin, Spirou magazine, or Andrew’s childhood favourite, Astérix, is a great way to build up your reading comprehension skills.

We share some of the delicious recipes we’ve been trying recently and describe our newfound love of plants, such as our miniature forest of basil, our Russian-speaking lemon tree seedlings and the latest additions to our household, Joséphine and Mélusine, the Calatheas.

We hope you enjoy hearing about our hobbies as much as we enjoy doing them, and maybe you’ll be inspired to try something new.

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