French Chatter: More Introductions

In the second episode of our ongoing series of podcasts, it’s Andrew’s turn to ask me some questions.

We discuss what it’s like to grow up multilingual in the countries I have lived in: the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Belgium and the UK. I describe some of my favourite and least favourite dishes from each country (of course we both agree that Belgian waffles are the best in the world), and we compare our impressions of the people who live there.

I also explain a little about how I learned the languages that I speak, along with a few general tips that are important whatever language you want to learn, and give an insight into the exciting challenge of moving to a country with a different first language than your own.

Ahead of the next podcast, where we will further discuss my love for the United Kingdom, which we mentioned in this episode, we talk about the two beautiful cathedrals that we visited in Norwich: St John the Baptist Cathedral and Norwich Cathedral. Art lovers may want to investigate Brian Whelan‘s wonderful paintings, some of which we saw exhibited there.

We end with a very embarrassing, yet funny, personal story of mine showing why we should all try to be open-minded with other language learners – we all make mistakes, though some of our mistakes are more awkward than others to explain!

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