This week, I’ve had the privilege of talking with Osher, an American retired radiologist from Baltimore whose entire life and incredible anecdotes of all sorts could, in my opinion, be turned into best-selling novels and novellas – they are so fascinating and captivating. Osher is the type of person that anyone with a curious and inquisitive mind would dream of sitting next to at wedding ceremonies, family functions or cocktail parties. He is bright, fun, very cultivated, and finally, he has “stories to tell”. Lots of them.

In this podcast, Osher tells us about his early life and moving from the Midde East to the United States at 5 years of age, his family background, and how he has learned to speak English, Hebrew and French.

He also shares with us his great passion for aviation and his experiences and adventures as a pilot and as a skier – skiing being his other main hobby, which he has practised all over the world especially in Colorado.  

Osher skiing during a competition in Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Denver, Colorado.

Last but not least, he humorously tells us about his incredible Venice adventure where everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong.

This episode will be interesting to anyone enjoying other people’s biographies and fun stories. Osher has a way with words indeed, as you will be able to see here in his article Night Flight, published on Air Facts Journal, about his first experience of piloting a plane at night.

A photo of Osher’s plane.

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