For this podcast, I’ve had the pleasure to speak with Terry, an absolutely brilliant student of mine with whom I’ve been working for 5 years.

Terry has many talents. He’s a self-taught upper-intermediate French student who also speaks Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. When he’s not reading books or watching sci-fi films and TV series in French, you’ll find him managing multiple Spanish and French language meetup groups in Chicago, Illinois, or on Zoom. Or doing yoga and pilates, teaching karate to children, playing the guitar, and growing all sorts of vegetables in his amazing garden.

In this episode, on top of his many hobbies, Terry tells us about how learning a foreign language brings so much more than just the language itself into your life. Indeed, this adventure has led him to make new friends all over the world and travel to Europe, Haiti and Colombia (among other places), where he could communicate with the locals in the languages that he has learned.

Last but not least, being very successful himself, Terry also has a strong interest in personal development and success. Today he shares with us his knowledge about Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and how we can all benefit from it in order to improve our lives.

This podcast will be inspiring and interesting to anyone who loves intercultural relationships and seeks constant self-improvement.

To find out more about Terry, you can follow him on his Twitter or Facebook.

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