In this podcast, I’ve had the immense pleasure to talk with Olivia who is an absolutely fascinating young lady on so many levels. She is a software developer from North Carolina who has achieved a very advanced level in the French language, in a relatively short period of time – and that comes with no surprise. Indeed, I strongly believe that curiosity is the most important quality that one must have when it comes to learning a foreign language. Well, Olivia’s curiosity and inquisitive mind know no bounds. I have the honour to have her as one of my students, and I must say that I feel challenged during every single one of our lessons. She always asks many relevant questions, not just about grammar or vocabulary but also about culture. She is probably the most knowledgeable French learner I know when it comes to the differences between the French spoken in France, Canada, Belgium, and who knows which other countries! I mean, she knows how to say “to rain” in Walloon!

Her curiosity also shows in the many interests she has. Namely, gardening, nature, animals, reading, playing all sorts of interesting games and finally knitting. Speaking with Olivia is always fun and full of surprises. You ask her how her week has been, and she will tell you about visiting alpacas, knitting sweaters with octopus patterns, or playing disc golf. Last but not least, she has a genuine interest in making our planet more beautiful and hospitable, and our world a fairer place to live.    

Today, she is telling us about her language journey as well as her thoughts on technology and consumerism, and finally, how the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we interact with each other. This podcast will be of interest to anyone interested in current affairs. 

You can find out more about Olivia on LinkedIn.

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